Yosdi Martínez López

Our referents Yosdi Martínez López Pedagogue from UNAM with studies in positive psychology.Her career has focused on the design of learning experiences through play, community development projects and the promotion of children’s rights.With more than 11 years of experience, she has collaborated in various non-formal educations paces, such as theme parks, media, programs government, web […]

Bernardo Aguilar

Our referents Bernardo Aguilar Bachelor’s degree in Economics, a Master’s degree in Management and Management of Organizations and a Master’s degree in Comprehensive Quality Management. For more than 25 years he has dedicated himself to studying topics related to social development, early childhood education, early childhood development and the Rights of children. He is a […]

Laura Villanueva Franco

Our referents Laura Villanueva Franco Teacher for more than 25 years in various levels of education. For more than 17 years he collaborated in various roles in the educational institutions of the Society of Jesus in Mexico and in the Jesuit College System. Knowledge of the public education system, promotes the creation of children’s councils […]

Alencar Massulo

Our referents Alencar Massulo Architect and Urban Planner, specialized in City Management and Responsive Cities. He works in the Territorial Management Team of the City of Osório (master plan, urban mobility and accessibility), and participates with his architecture studio in urban projects of squares, parks and new neighbourhoods, in addition to working on historical heritage […]

Alexandra Herrera Puente

Our referents Alexandra Herrera Puente Reference to the International Network of the City of Children for Colombia and Defender of children’s rights. A psychologist who specializes in social project management and children’s rights. A master’s degree in education. More than twenty years of certified professional experience in the private and public sectors, with skills in […]

Ignacio Fernandez

Our referents Ignacio Fernandez Professor of higher education in music, university diploma in childhood and adolescence. Promoter of Child Participation and a reference for the “Buenos Aires, City of Children” program, dependent on the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires. Worked in the Councils of Children in the neighborhoods: Núñez, Recoleta, Floresta, […]

Ernesto Martire

Our referents Ernesto Martire Graduated in Political Science and International Relations. Administrative coordinator, IT Manager and Web developer of the Association. Member of the Association of Change Management Professionals® e Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) Contact person for change processes for all associated bodies Facebook Instagram My work led me to travel and live, for […]

Ana Clara Tortone

Our referents Ana Clara Tortone Born in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1965 -National Public Accountant graduated from the UNLP Faculty of Economics -Master in Quality Training at the CA’ Foscari University of Venice. -Professor of Management. -Head of strategic management and institutional relations at Aire Libre Educación. -Journalist -Executive and General Producer of […]

Elisa Saioni

Our referents Elisa Saioni Pedagogist, professional educator and ABA technician, working mainly in Italy and Spain. Already a fellow at ISTC-CNR in Rome in the International Laboratory of the project “The City of Children”-in the area of research and support for coordination of international networks-and at the project “La ciudad de las niñas y los […]

Vittorio Leone

Our referents Vittorio Leone Architect, he has worked in Mexico, the United States, Spain, and Italy. The referent of the Association in France where he currently lives and works. President of the Les Archiminots Association which has been collaborating with the project the city of children since 2016. In 2017 he participated in the Architecture […]