Francesco Tonucci is an Italian pedagogist, writer and cartoonist author of numerous books translated into several languages on childhood, education and teacher training, for which he also creates cartoons and illustrations.

Under the pseudonym FRATO, Francesco Tonucci signs satirical cartoons on the themes of education, the city, play, and childhood that invite questioning of the system and commitment to the transformation of our society.

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Francesco Tonucci & Mario Lodi.



It is certainly a challenging task to make a list of Francesco Tonucci ‘s published books as his publications are certainly numerous.

To name just a few, we can certainly start with The City of Children, a publication translated into several languages and with several editions, but also publications such as Creativity, insights for an educational discourse, or. Research as an alternative to teaching, the Guide to the class journal, the Preschool notes, The loneliness of the child, se children say: enough is enough!!! Because childhood, Can a virus change the school?



As a cartoonist, or artist, Frato’s publications can also be found in the catalog of Orecchio Acerbo, a publishing house born in 2001, founded and directed by Fausta Orecchio and Simone Tonucci, son of Francesco.

Among the most significant works we find With the eyes of the child, Children are born, Children become, Girls and boys think in another way, Frato, 50 years with the eyes of the child, A grandfather as a friend
In the catalog of unripe ear: The Land of Squares, The Land of Circles, The Land of Squares + The Land of Circles, all illustrated by Osther Mayer, aka Simone Tonucci,



In this section we will publish Francesco Tonucci’s main articles, both found in print and online, and articles by other authors that may be useful to visitors to this site.

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