The Francesco Tonucci International Association, was established in 2021, at the behest of Francesco Tonucci’s children, Francesca, Simone and Stefano, by Lorena Morachimo, his collaborator and a member of the working group of the International Project “The City of Children” of theInstitute of Cognitive Sciences of the C.N.R. in Rome, and other supporters of Francis’ ideas.

The purpose of the Association is to promote and spread throughout the world the “Tonucci thought” and for this, on the one hand, it is committed to Manage the international networks and coordination of the “City of Children” project, and on the other offers the training and accompaniment to municipalities, schools, and various entities that intend to incorporate Tonucci thinking within the daily dynamics of their realities.

The association also organizes webinars, training courses, internships and diplomas to offer the necessary skills and resources to all those who starting from Francesco Tonucci’s ideas and proposals. Have created innovation.

Given the expansive size of the geographical reality in which it operates, and taking advantage of new technologies, the association prefers the virtual mode for carrying out its activities, favoring the teamwork of its volunteers and referrers by focusing on the Creation of an active community of exchange and cooperation with the aim of achieving its goals.

The Francesco Tonucci International Association aims to promote Tonucci's work through the pursuit of the following goals: