Our referents

Yosdi Martínez López

Pedagogue from UNAM with studies in positive psychology.
Her career has focused on the design of learning experiences through play, community development projects and the promotion of children’s rights.
With more than 11 years of experience, she has collaborated in various non-formal educations paces, such as theme parks, media, programs government, web development, educational marketing and interactive museums, such as Papalote Children’s Museum, where for 9 years she not only conceptualized exhibitions, but which also consolidated programs aimed at teachers and parents, and coordinated the Child Participation Program, which received the International Best Practices Award in Museums at the 7th UPAEP International Museum Meeting in 2022.

In addition to her work in non-formal education, she has been an adjunct professor at UNAM, teaching the subject of Non-Formal Education and collaborator of contents in the Algarabía Children magazine.

Currently, Yosdi offers consultancies to listen to children and promotes their participation and autonomy in public space in collaboration with institutions community.

I identify deeply with the thoughts of Francesco Tonucci because his perspective, although radical for some it is also simple “A city where childhoods can be childhood with freedom, it is a city where everyone can also be free and happy being as they are” This idea, although it seems utopian, is based on realities past where children had the freedom to explore the streets and the world around them. His proposal to accept the playful authenticity of childhood goes beyond simple theoretical speeches; challenges us to put it into practice. Tonucci shows us, in a way simple and disruptive, that adults have the legal responsibility to guarantee the integral development of children and constantly challenges us to enforce this obligation, knowing that in the end, it will benefit all people. His approach reminds us that Childhood is not only a period of life, but a right that must be protected and promoted actively in society.