La poly-vignette

The characters created by Frato, actually originated before him, during a research conducted on children’s aggression in 1966.
Frato will be born two years later, in 1968, when Francesco Tonucci, -already by then a researcher on educational issues, in the wake of a rebellious world in which students occupied faculties and schools demanding new forms of communication, uses its characters to open a window of dialogue with the school world different from the past, with a dialogue More open, more direct, more explicit and aggressive.
Frato was born to let children speak, to make hidden, censored, unexpressed thoughts explicit. To make visible children who often remain transparent.

Below are some of his cartoons, with references to the publications where they appeared.

Often, I am asked to explain how I draw. I usually make something up, but the truth is that I draw as it comes to me.
- Friar


Play, autonomy, participation, participatory planning


School, teachers, teacher training, teaching, evaluation


Peace, environment, equal opportunity, grandparents, toys