Our referents

Elisa Saioni

Pedagogist, professional educator and ABA technician, working mainly in Italy and Spain.

Already a fellow at ISTC-CNR in Rome in the International Laboratory of the project “The City of Children”-in the area of research and support for coordination of international networks-and at the project “La ciudad de las niñas y los niños de Huesca,” in Spain.

She currently works as a freelancer and is mainly involved in developmental pedagogical planning, intervention and evaluation, counseling and support for parenting and teaching, collaborating with schools and agencies in the area and internationally.

She is passionate about networking, education and research, interculturalism, environmentalism, and travel.

Publications, articles and interviews

I like to think of the discovery of "The City of Children" as a real Copernican revolution in the way I perceive the world of childhood (and beyond). Changing the focus from one of protection to one of entitlement led me to change the approach, change the ends and means, change the intention, abandon the claim. I profoundly share the democratic and sustainable values that have animated this project for more than 30 years and that are the only hope for a better present and future, on the scale of each and every child in the world.