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Bernardo Aguilar

Bachelor’s degree in Economics, a Master’s degree in Management and Management of Organizations and a Master’s degree in Comprehensive Quality Management. For more than 25 years he has dedicated himself to studying topics related to social development, early childhood education, early childhood development and the Rights of children.

He is a consultant on issues related to the design, evaluation and improvement of early childhood education and comprehensive care programs and services and has been a quality and innovation management advisor for the CENDI Child Development Centers in Mexico.

Since 2019, he has participated with Francesco Tonucci’s Children’s City International Network, for the formation of the National Network of the “Children’s City” Project in Mexico. He has collaborated with the Municipality of San Pedro Garza García and advised the Municipality of Monterrey, for the development of the “Monterrey City of Children” Project.

"As someone interested in human and social development, I consider that early education is the key to a sustainable society, and that every child has abilities and potential, and I am nourished by Francesco's thought, which invites us to rethink education from a child-centered perspective. child, where play, active participation and autonomy in the city to encourage boys and girls to develop harmoniously, learning and enjoying their childhood as the most important stage of their life and the construction of a more fair"