Our referents

Ignacio Fernandez

Professor of higher education in music, university diploma in childhood and adolescence.

Promoter of Child Participation and a reference for the “Buenos Aires, City of Children” program, dependent on the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires. Worked in the Councils of Children in the neighborhoods: Núñez, Recoleta, Floresta, La Boca, Barracas, Flores and Paternal.

Teacher of the International Diploma “The City of Children”.

Was a representative of the Council of Children of the “Aire Libre” School, La Plata, Province of Buenos Aires.

Was a reference for the councils of girls and boys of the Museum of Modern Art, City of Buenos Aires.

Worked as a teacher of the training diplomas of the International Project “The City of Children”, for the Network of Neuquén, Argentina and Latin America.

I am united to this project by the dream of creating a profound change, the desire for childhood to occupy a central place in cities, removing their gray and filling them with colors. I am challenged by the challenge of amplifying the voice of children, seeking to make visible what was silenced, thus tensing the political terrain until it gives way. On this path I learn to sow seeds through conviction, I am grateful to be part of this beautiful collective saying.