Our referents

Vittorio Leone

Architect, he has worked in Mexico, the United States, Spain, and Italy.

The referent of the Association in France where he currently lives and works.

President of the Les Archiminots Association which has been collaborating with the project the city of children since 2016.

In 2017 he participated in the Architecture Biennale of Lyon in France, bringing a participatory project with children.

In 2019 he contributed to the publication of the book “La ville des enfants, pour une (r)évolution urbaine“, the French version of “The City of Children” by Francesco Tonucci.


  1. Building with people – CLEAN Editions
  2. Children are Dangerous: Listening to Plan Happier Cities – urbanNext
  3. « Partager l’architecture avec les enfants »– (Sharing architecture with children). Ed. Parenthèses
  4. Contribution in – Handbook of participatory planning with children. (Edited by Chiara Belingardi, Lorena Morachimo, Antonella Prisco, Daniela Renzi, Francesco Tonucci)
  5. “La ville des enfants – pour une (r)évolution urbaine. » di Francesco Tonucci – Afterword – Edizioni Parenthèses

Getting to know Francesco's work has radically changed my idea of ​​the city, my way of conceiving it and working in the urban environment. I believe that the "City of Children" project is truly a concrete opportunity for human, social and therefore urban revolution.