A city that is good for children is a city good for everyone

A city that is good for children is a city good for everyone, is one of the most well-known and recurring phrases that Francesco Tonucci has proposed to us for many years. The statement contains a important concept that it concerns politics and the urban planning of cities in favour of the better coexistence and […]

Conference: A city that works well for children, will be good for everyone

Virtual conference by Francesco Tonucci April 18, 2024 The CPIC in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is organizing a virtual conference called “A city that works well for children, will be good for everyone” on Thursday, April 18 at 12pm (GMT-3). Francesco Tonucci will lead the conference in Spanish. The presentation via ZOOM platform is free and […]

Alencar Massulo

Our referents Alencar Massulo Architect and Urban Planner, specialized in City Management and Responsive Cities. He works in the Territorial Management Team of the City of Osório (master plan, urban mobility and accessibility), and participates with his architecture studio in urban projects of squares, parks and new neighbourhoods, in addition to working on historical heritage […]

Alexandra Herrera Puente

Our referents Alexandra Herrera Puente Reference to the International Network of the City of Children for Colombia and Defender of children’s rights. A psychologist who specializes in social project management and children’s rights. A master’s degree in education. More than twenty years of certified professional experience in the private and public sectors, with skills in […]

Article: Childhood and the City

Yesterday, February 26, the article “Childhood and the city” by Architect Juan Carlos Rojo Carrascal, a reference for the Francesco Tonucci Association in Mexico, was published in the Mexican newspaper Noroeste. You can access the reading of the interesting article by following this link (article in Spanish):

Ignacio Fernandez

Our referents Ignacio Fernandez Professor of higher education in music, university diploma in childhood and adolescence. Promoter of Child Participation and a reference for the “Buenos Aires, City of Children” program, dependent on the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires. Worked in the Councils of Children in the neighborhoods: Núñez, Recoleta, Floresta, […]

Bimonthly newsletter of the Argentine network

Bimonthly newsletter Argentine network One of the agreements that emerged as a result of the face-to-face meeting of cities and entities of the Argentine Network that took place in Buenos Aires in the recent month of April was to publish a bimonthly bulletin that evidenced good practices and shared news, reflections, and guidelines from the […]

Ernesto Martire

Our referents Ernesto Martire Administrative coordinator of the association and its IT contact, he has also been an enthusiastic change practitioner for years. Facebook Instagram My work led me to travel and live, for several years, in very different places and realities. It was normal to notice the fact that alongside the obvious natural and […]