Article: Childhood and the City

Yesterday, February 26, the article “Childhood and the city” by Architect Juan Carlos Rojo Carrascal, a reference for the Francesco Tonucci Association in Mexico, was published in the Mexican newspaper Noroeste. You can access the reading of the interesting article by following this link (article in Spanish):

Ignacio Fernandez

Our referents Ignacio Fernandez Professor of higher education in music, university diploma in childhood and adolescence. Promoter of Child Participation and a reference for the “Buenos Aires, City of Children” program, dependent on the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires. Worked in the Councils of Children in the neighborhoods: Núñez, Recoleta, Floresta, […]

Bimonthly newsletter of the Argentine network

Bimonthly newsletter Argentine network One of the agreements that emerged as a result of the face-to-face meeting of cities and entities of the Argentine Network that took place in Buenos Aires in the recent month of April was to publish a bimonthly bulletin that evidenced good practices and shared news, reflections, and guidelines from the […]

Ernesto Martire

Our referents Ernesto Martire Graduated in Political Science and International Relations. Administrative coordinator, IT Manager and Web developer of the Association. Member of the Association of Change Management Professionals® e Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) Contact person for change processes for all associated bodies Facebook Instagram My work led me to travel and live, for […]

Diary of a Teacher

Diary of a Teacher Fifty years ago, the television drama “Diary of a Teacher” by the director Vittorio di Seta was aired for the first time, with the pedagogical advice of Francesco Tonucci. The screenplay is taken from the autobiographical book “Un anno a Pietralata” by Albino Bernardini and was broadcast on the first RAI […]

Knowing the city of children by Francesco Tonucci – Media Room

Knowing the city of children by Francesco Tonucci In this space we present a series of exclusive videos prepared from an in-depth interview with Francesco Tonucci during the summer of 2022. With the preparation of these short videos we seek to answer frequently asked questions and offer points of reflection and accompaniment to all the […]