Girls and boys think in a different way

Girls and boys think in a different way For more than 50 years, Frato has been trying to represent what little boys and girls think, making it visible in his characters, in his cartoons. This book does not claim to reveal what they think, but it builds on it, and because of this, each chapter […]

FRATO: 50 years with the eyes of the child

FRATO: 50 years with the eyes of the child Frato’s pen is striking, often wounding because it speaks out against the laziness of those who do not want to change but also against the conceit of those who feel justified in being progressive. It wounds but restores. Beneath the often biting satire is a love […]

We go to school on our own

We go to school on our own The Handbook “A scuola ci andiamo da soli,” published in 2006 through collaboration with the City of Rome, is the first tool that was developed to accompany and support cities in the activation of various initiatives. Thus began to build a “toolbox” that cities can use to properly […]

Handbook of participatory planning

Handbook of participatory planning This book flanks thea the Handbooks “We Go to School by Ourselves” in 2006 and “The Children’s Council” in 2011. The manuals, compiled by the International Laboratory, are simple tools that intend too accompany cities in activating the initiatives suggested by the project. The Manuale is scrypto for administrators for them […]

The city of children

The city of children La city, which was born as a place of meeting and exchange, has in recent decades chosen as its referent and parameter the strong citizen: male, adult and worker, becoming hostile to the weak categories of the elderly, the handicapped, the poor and children. The automobile, the favorite toy of that […]