The city of children

La city, which was born as a place of meeting and exchange, has in recent decades chosen as its referent and parameter the strong citizen: male, adult and worker, becoming hostile to the weak categories of the elderly, the handicapped, the poor and children.

The automobile, the favorite toy of that privileged citizen has become the real mistress of cities compromising their health, aesthetics and mobility.

The book proposes a new philosophy of governing cities by taking children as parameters in the belief that a city sensitive to the needs of children will be a better city for all .

The book takes up the parts of the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child which recognize the full citizenship of children and proposes two main lines of activities: Children’s participation in city government e The restoration of adequate autonomy for children to meet friends and play freely.

The city of children

Francesco Tonucci
ISBN: 978-88-99338-06-0
Number of pages: 264

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