We go to school on our own

The Handbook “A scuola ci andiamo da soli,” published in 2006 through collaboration with the City of Rome, is the first tool that was developed to accompany and support cities in the activation of various initiatives. Thus began to build a “toolbox” that cities can use to properly develop the various activities the project proposes. This first Manual was followed by the one on the Children’s Council, published in 2011, thanks to the collaboration with the Province of Rome, and the one on Participatory Design, published in 2017 as part of the collaboration with the Lazio Region. Several years after the publication of the first two Handbooks, we feel it is appropriate to carry out a reprint of them, updating the parts that we believe are particularly useful. The updated reprint of the Handbook A scuola ci andiamo da soli (At School We Go Itself), produced thanks to the contribution of the Lazio Region, aims to document the experiences of the cities, which were not present in the previous version, and to provide updated tools for documenting and implementing the experience.

We go to school on our own

Pia Natalini
Francesco Tonucci
ISBN: 978-88-99338-63-3

Number of pages: 220

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