Handbook of participatory planning

This book flanks thea the Handbooks “We Go to School by Ourselves” in 2006 and “The Children’s Council” in 2011. The manuals, compiled by the International Laboratory, are simple tools that intend too accompany cities in activating the initiatives suggested by the project.

The Manuale is scrypto for administrators for them to find the motivation to promote this important participation experience; For operators and technicians that I have tono organize the methodological path and try to be a transluttore between the technical and creative language of children’s wishes and proposals; for teachers who will have to welcome this important experience of democracy into their classrooms, support it and make it becomere significant for all students in the class and school; for parents for

that they may accompany their children in this experience that can certainly contribute to forming their civic consciousness; , as an invitation to imagine a different form of one’s city, and especially for boys and girls, who have a role as protagonists and activators of improvements in their living environment.

Participatory planning with children and girls must have a certain mandate and security of implementation. The Handbook contains more than thirty fact sheets collecting experiences of participatory planning with children around the world, mostly from International Network cities and practitioners close to the project.

Handbook of participatory planning with boys and girls

Edited by Chiara Belingardi, Lorena Morachimo, Antonella Prisco, Daniela Renzi, Francesco TonucciISBN: 978-88-99338-37-4

Number of pages: 164

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