Brazil & Argentina - March - April 2023

On the road again!

After 4 years we’re finally ready for a new Latin American trip that will take us to Brazil. 🇧🇷 and Argentina 🇦🇷.
Thanks to the invitation of the Prefeitura de Jundiaí in Brazil and the Secretary of Childhood, Adolescence and Family of Argentina-SENAF, the Tonucci Agenda will take place from March 18 to April 4.

In Brazil, it will begin with a political meeting with mayors interested in heeding Jundiaí’s call and forming the Brazilian Network of “Cities as Children”, supported by Jundiaí’s team and valuable experience.

The meeting will continue with some revealing visits to the transformations that the Project has promoted in Jundiaí and a Forum on Childhood that will allow the philosophy and proposals of “The City of children” to be presented to all the interested public.

In Buenos Aires, on the other hand, the program includes meetings with the SENAF Management and teams, the presentation of a publication at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, and meetings with the entities and institutions with which we have been working and promoting actions since times of pandemic and that have undertaken important innovations within the framework of collaboration agreements with the Project and the Francesco Tonucci Association.

On March 31 and April 1 we will hold the face-to-face meeting of the Argentine network and the launch of the second edition of the Diploma in “The City of children” that we developed together with SENAF, the National University of Comahue and the San Roque Association.

See you very soon in Brazil and Argentina!

Here you can find photos and information about the trips to: