Francesco Tonucci in Argentina

The trip to Latin America in 2023 came to an end.

An intense agenda of work, consolidation of alliances and progress with our cities and network entities in Brazil and Argentina.

New projects and challenges, but also a time for big hugs, reunions, the birth of new friendships and important links for the development of the International Project “The city of Children

In Argentina, the National Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and Family (SENAF) organized two conferences open to the public.

In the first one in Tecnopolis, Francesco and the Secretary Gabriel Lerner held an interesting conversation about the citizenship of children and in the second one, both met the Mayor of San Martín and the Ministers of Social Development and Public Works to talk about the design of the city. with children’s participation.

The rest of the agenda allowed us to hold meetings with our allies and discuss new collaborations.

Along these lines, we were able to hold work meetings and visits with the following entities:

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