Sustainable Cities, Child Friendly and Adolescent Friendly.

Francesco Tonucci guest speaker at the event “The Autonomy of Boys and Girls,” as part of the project “Sustainable Cities, Friendly to Children and Adolescents”

07/28/2022 – The Municipality of Porto Sant’Elpidio, in collaboration with the Municipality of Fano lead entity of the Project “Sustainable Cities, Friendly to Children and Adolescents,” on 07/30/2022 organized a public meeting addressed to all municipalities in the Marche Region adhering to or interested in learning about the Project, institutions, associations in the area and the entire citizenry.

The Project aims to implement and initiate a series of actions aimed at the protection, promotion and concrete implementation and dissemination of the rights of children and young people, as enshrined in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and Adolescent, taking the child as the yardstick for a city fit for all citizens.

At the meeting, held at the Bees Theater, entitled “Children’s and girls’ autonomy. A right for them a necessity for the family, school and city“, the Mayor of Porto Sant’Elpidio spoke. Nazarene Franchellucci, the Mayor of Fano Massimo Seri, Dr. Beatrice Carletti, Head of Family, Childhood and Adolescence Sector Marche Region, Dr. Pamela Malvestiti, Manager of Porto Sant’Elpidio Social Services and ATS20 Coordinator, and Dr. Re. Francesco Tonucci, pedagogical researcher and creator of the Children’s City Project.

The event was also attended by children and youth from the Porto Sant’Elpidio Children’s and Youth Municipal Council, who had the opportunity in the second part of the meeting to meet Dr. Tonucci.

It was a unique and highly educational experience for the children as well as for the adults present, who had the opportunity to better understand the point of view of children, central to the life of our City.

The initiative also comes at the conclusion of a very close collaboration this year between the Municipality of Porto Sant’Elpidio, the City Council of Children and Young People (CCBR) and Theaters of the World.

During this edition of Theaters of the World, in fact, the children and youth of CCBR not only had the opportunity to participate as a jury, but also to tell firsthand accounts of the festival, through interviews with the organizers and artists, all collected in video material that gave rise to a daily Theaters of the World blog.

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