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Agustín Sebastián Garona

He studied at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning of the University of Buenos Aires where he obtained the title of Architect.

He is the holder of the Studio GARONA I DI NUNZIO Architects.

As an independent professional, he carries out numerous projects and works for different clients and areas: commercial ventures, educational establishments, buildings, computer centers, bank branches, homes, industries, and sports complexes.

He is part of the coordination team between the MINISTRY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY of Argentina, the CENTRAL SOCIETY OF ARCHITECTS and the ARGENTINE FEDERATION OF ENTITIES OF ARCHITECTS FADEA for the development of the program, bases and call for a national competition for preliminary projects for the “CIUDAD de la CIENCIA” Palermo. Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Some publications:

  • CLARÍN Newspaper, Architecture Section Rethinking Schools 2nd National Call for Architecture Students, June 2007,
  • Book RETHINKING SCHOOLS, 2nd National Call for Architecture Students. October 2007
  • SUMMA Magazine No. 90, Jardín Maternal Hospital Piñero, Autonomous City of Bs. As. National 700 Schools Program. Description of the program, elements, topologies.
    Primary School and Kindergarten, Villa Soldati, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
    November 2007.
  • Architecture Journal, Clarín. Nursery Garden and Comprehensive Center for the UPCN family. Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. October 2016.
  • BUQUEBUS Magazine, New offices for the Lisicki / Litvin y Asociados Studio. Tiger Province of BS. As. December 2017.
  • Architecture Journal, Clarín. Nursery Garden and Comprehensive Center for the UPCN family. Autonomous City of Bs. As. December 2018. B
  • ook, “Sensitive looks and listening to playing in early childhood” compiled by Marcela Armus. September 2022.
  • Architecture Journal, Clarín. Publication of the first prize of the National Preliminary Project Contest “CITY of SCIENCE. November 2023.

More publications, seminars, contests, awards:

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I think it is no coincidence that it has already been (if memory serves) 20 years since I was able to personally meet Francesco, here in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although I had read some books of cartoons, that meeting was revealing. At that time I was working in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Nation, whose Minister was a mutual friend, Daniel Filmus, who was the one who introduced us. In 2005 and 2007 we launched a competition for Architecture students from National Universities of public and private management, with the slogan: RETHINK THE SCHOOLS. The program of both calls included the reference of architects, vignettes and texts by Francesco and texts by other pedagogues. A bibliography of all of them was also incorporated. From there, Francesco's proposals had a profound impact and served as a input, not only in my public activity but also privately, even taking part of his ideas to the academic field, in the Faculty of Architecture of the UBA, together with my partner Lucas Di Nunzio who works there as a teacher.